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I've always had a big interest in make-up and the fashion industry from a very young age. When kids spent time playing outside I would sit at home looking through magazines, of course not making sense out of any of  the articles at that age! Just flicking through pretty images! Growing up I changed my mind in regards to career several times however makeup, beauty and fashion industry are a few things I have never got bored of. As I started growing  up a lot of family members and family friends would ask me to do there makeup for them. This played a big role in increasing my passion for beauty and developing my makeup skills even further. 

Stability and a fixed routine have always been very important to me and so regardless of my passion for the beauty industry I personally could never rely on the beauty sector full time. However I do also strongly believe in not giving up what I enjoy, hence my make up blog and now this website. I feel that being able to do something with what I have a passion for gives me an escape from the ordinary world.

The reason I decided to launch my own lash brand before any other makeup product was the fact that I could not apply false lashes till the recent couple of years. Although I got the hang of makeup within my young  years, (even the whole 'wing it' eye look was never a problem for me LOL) unfortunately I just could not apply falsies. I had given up until till the recent couple of years and honestly I am so glad I gave them another go! I can not emphasise enough how important lashes are in completing a make up look.

I am well aware that I am not the only girl who has struggled with this, falsies have been hard work for many of us. Finally getting the knack of applying them is a sense of achievement in itself.

It was always a desire to do something a little makeup related with my life and of course these social media platforms have really helped me and a dozen other girls out there in regards to this.

Every product I decide to launch will truly be related to my personal blog or my makeup journey.

With Love AP. 




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