Lip care routine

Lip care first, lipstick second

First blog post. Eek!!! 


(I will link all products to sites  for you guys however this is NOT a sponsored post all products mentioned are what I genuinely use and recommend) 


Lets get started!

First things first for any lip or skin product to work you must make sure you have enough water in your body. Dry lips are a sign of dehydration! Make sure you intake enough cups of water daily. I like to keep a bottle of water next to me even when I sleep!


Secondly just like our skin, our lips need to be exfoliated too. Once I've brushed my teeth I actually brush my lips! This helps to get rid off the dead layer on your lips. Make sure there is no toothpaste on the brush, as this will dry out your lips even more. I literally just rub the brush in circular motions for 10-15 seconds. You don't want to be brushing your lips for too long as this can cause irritation.  On days when I want to be a little fancy I use a lip scrub instead. 

My favourite lip scrubs have to be the LUSH range. They do the job so well and also have a big variety to chose from. The two i'm using at the moment are Bubblegum and Mint. Days when  i'm feeling creative and have some time to myself I make lip scrubs my self. If you girls want more information on DIY lip scrubs let me know and I will create a post with a few different ways to create home made lip  scrubs.


Okay so now the third important part of taking care of your lips is to lock moisture into them. I apply Vaseline several times a day, honestly I just apply it countless amount of times. I like to use the Cocoa Butter Vaseline. Personally I love this simple product for MANY different reasons ! Well first of all it smells amazing!! Secondly because this company has been specialising in lip care for years they have so much knowledge on it. Another reason I love Vaseline is because they’re  not crazily over priced they’re actually affordable to use on a daily basis. Lastly Vaseline’s pocket size tins are just so convenient to carry around with you.  I have been using this product day in and out for years now and it really has helped to keep the moisture locked in my lips.

I tend to find the original Vaseline (blue tin) too heavy.. whenever I apply it my lips feel greasy. I also have oily skin so anything extra moisturising or heavy on or near my face just makes my face feel sticky and I just want to take it off! This one is just perfect for me. I did have another favourite which was Vaseline 'paint the town red' which  gave my lips a red tint. On days when I didn't want to wear lipstick I would apply this 'paint the town in red' Vaseline and immediately my lips would have more colour and look fuller. Unfortunately this product was limited edition and I did not manage to get hold of it again. On the bright side I have managed to find another lip balm to replace that for me. Which is the No7 Lip balm.

When it comes to lip care this has to be my new obsession.  This lip balm is sold in pink and red I have the red one and I love it! It really moisturises my lips, and gives them a nice sheen with a slight red tint.


You can always tweak methods or products to what suits you until you find your favourite lip care routine. I would love to hear some feedback from you lovelies on my first beauty blog post.






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